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Broken Beach Nusa Penida – Trending Tourist Attractions in West Nusa Penida

How are you, travel buddies? This time I will write about an experience at a trendy tourist spot in Nusa Penida, namely Broken Beach Nusa Penida. Broken Beach, Nusa Penida or as the locals call it, Pasih Uug. This is one of the tourist hits in West Nusa Penida, apart from Kelingking Beach, Angel Bilabong and Crystal Bay.

The name of the broken beach tourist spot is familiar; maybe you have visited or seen the photo on social media. Because so many broken beach panoramic uploads can be found on Instagram and Facebook. Here I will provide information about the attractiveness, beauty, and location of Nusa Penida’s Broken Beach.

Where is Broken Beach located? Uug (broken) Beach is located in Banjar Sumpang, Bunga Mekar, Nusa Penida, Bali. This tourist spot is close to Kelingking Beach and Angel Bilabong. However, you have to cross the ocean first to reach this beach. The route starts from Sanur Beach and anchors at Nusa Penida Harbor.

Attractions of Broken Beach, Nusa Penida

The stunning panorama and point of beauty of Broken Beach are on top of a 200-meter-high cliff that juts out into the sea. This cliff has been exposed to seawater abrasion for centuries, resulting in the natural formation of a giant cave-like hole in the center.

So this hole is called Pasih Uug (broken beach), or Broken Beach. This beach is famous after Kelingking Beach. Both are known to the public and tourists, which is the reason for coming to Nusa Penida. In addition, Broken Beach is also one of the best selfie spots in Nusa Penida.

Because Broken Beach has amazing beauty. Once you get to one side of the cliff, you can take a photo with the background in the form of a cliff hole with waves below. You can take a different background in every photo you want. One of the favorite poses of tourists is to shoot from behind so that your back can merge with the beauty of the cliff at the far end.

Broken Beach Nusa Penida

Fun activities to do

Every visitor has a different way to enjoy the beauty of this broken beach tourist spot in Nusa Penida. Travel companions can follow the description of activities that can be done here.

1. Making memories with selfies or landscape photos

Perhaps this activity is something that every visitor does; with the gradation of the color of the green cliffs with the blue sea water, it will certainly produce instagrammable scenery photos. Not only that, the hollow cliff that looks like a bridge can also be a unique photo object. Take a selfie with the backdrop of lush trees and the vast expanse of the open sea. Yes, all corners of this beach are so beautiful that they can be used as backgrounds to capture moments.

2. See stingrays (mantas) and dolphins.

Manta fish (rays) appear on the surface at certain times, and if your travel buddy is lucky, you can see stingrays and dolphins from the top of the cliff. From this height, you can clearly see all the charm of the sea, including dolphins jumping.

The dolphins come from Dolphin Beach, which is very close to Broken Beach, although the number is not as high as dolphin tours in Lovina. This amazing charm is a reason to recommend the best tour for those of you who want to teach children to recognize and love marine fauna.

3. Swimming activities

Swimming is another exciting activity that you can do at the Broken Beach tourist spot. However, because the location of the beach is far below the cliff, it is very rare for visitors to do this activity. If you are interested in doing that and have plenty of time to go down the cliff, you can try it, but you will need the assistance of a tour guide to pass through the rocks and see the condition of the tides.

4. Cliff trekking around Broken Beach

Despite the name of the beach, this location does not have the usual white sand that you use to play or run. It’s a stretch of sheer cliffs that are very challenging to explore. If you like adventure, some locations around Pasih Uug can be used as trekking locations with quite steep, rocky terrain. Always be careful when stepping to avoid falling. Use comfortable shoes for easy movement.

5. Enjoy the sunrise and sunset

If you want to enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset, this tourist spot is a favorite activity for tourists. Because uug beach has a geographical location, you can witness the beauty of sunrise and sunset here. Tourists usually intentionally camp at Broken Beach, Nusa Penida, in order to see and feel the warmth of the sunrise. Then, in the afternoon, enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the sunset.


How to Get to Broken Beach from Bali

If you’re starting your trip in Bali, there are a few options you can take. Among them: arrange your own trip and use private tour services prepared by several travel agents in Bali.

1. Organize your own trip

If you like new things, you can try this method. If you start from Bali airport, there are several options you should use, the first of which is to use a transportation service from Bali airport to Nusa Penida. Then, once you have set foot in Nusa Penida Harbor, you can visit Kelingking Beach by motorcycle. You can rent a motorcycle directly from the port, which usually costs IDR 70,000.

But if you want to get to Broken Beach in comfort and with a local guide, using a car rental service in Nusa Penida is the best option. They usually provide a private service (not in a group with other participants). You can choose several places to visit besides Kelingking Beach.

2. Choosing the Nusa Penida Tour Service

Choosing the 1-Day Nusa Penida Tour service is the right choice for those of you who do not want to deal with the hassle of organizing a tour to Nusa Penida on your own. Nusa Penida tour packages usually provide a personalized service that includes hotel transfers and tickets for the Nusa Penida crossing from Sanur. In addition to a comfortable car with a driver, entrance tickets to tourist attractions in Nusa Penida are included.

Attractions to be visited in Nusa Penida: Kelingking Beach, Broken Beach, Angel Billabong, and Crystal Bay All of these places are located in West Nusa Penida. East Nusa Penida tourist attractions include Treehouse, Atuh Beach, Diamond Beach, and Teletubies Hill.

For those of you who are traveling here for the first time, we recommend taking the Nusa Penida Day Tour Package, which easily covers all tourist attractions.


Available Facilities

Although the location of this tourist spot is far from the center of tourism in Bali, this area is supported by quite complete facilities, such as:

  • Toilets
  • Parking Area
  • Stalls with local dishes
  • Lodging (homestay): 500 meters from Broken Beach

With the restaurant built in the area of Kelingking Beach, public toilet facilities are available by paying 2,000 for one-time entry. In addition, the road access to this tourist spot is quite good. Because tourism in Nusa Penida is growing very fast, it forces the Klungkung government to spur improvements in all tourism support sectors, such as road access and parking.

So that’s a little review about Broken Beach, Nusa Penida, Bali; hopefully it can add to your knowledge.

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