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Crystal Bay Beach: A Popular Tourist Attraction in Nusa Penida

Crystal Bay Beach, Nusa Penida, is one of the tourist hits in West Nusa Penida. I will talk about the cleanest beach with clear water. The beach is Crystal Bay, Nusa Penida, which is one of the most famous beaches among domestic and international tourists.

Because this beach has clear water and white sand, it is a unique and attractive treasure for tourists. This popular tourist spot is very familiar to explorers of coral reefs and underwater life. This beach is used as an option for snorkeling and scuba diving by tourists.

Crystal Bay Beach Location

This beach is located in Sakti Village, Nusa Penida, Klungkung, Bali. This place is about 15 kilometers from Nusa Penida Harbor, which can be reached in about 30 minutes.

Located in the Nusa Penida Island area, Crystal Bay Beach, Nusa Penida, is quite easy to access. If you have a plan for a vacation to this place from the island of Bali, you are required to cross by fast boat from Sanur to Nusa Penida Harbor.

How do I get to this place from Bali?

By using a fast boat, crossing the strait takes 30 minutes to reach Nusa Penida mainland. If you want to take a full-day trip, you can take the Nusa Penida Tour Package from Bali. You will be taken to visit other interesting places in Nusa Penida besides Cristal Bay Beach. This package will make your trip to the places you want easier. You won’t have to worry about finding a fast boat, transportation in Nusa Penida, the road to get there, and so on.

crystal bay beach

Interesting things at Crystal Bay Beach Nusa Penida

This beach attraction provides various tourist activities that you can do. Below are the tourist activities that can be done at Crystal Beach.

1. Snorkeling and Diving

With its clear and clean water conditions, visitors call this place Crystal Bay. This location not only has clear water, but it also has an amazing underwater world. With various types of colorful fish and various other underwater life.

For those who love diving, Crystal Bay Beach, Nusa Penida, is the best place for snorkeling or scuba diving. It has beautiful coral reefs that are home to a variety of colorful fish and other marine animals. Of course, this will make divers satisfied if they come to this place.

crystal bay beach

2. Swim and enjoy the beach

Apart from being the best diving spot, Crystal Bay Beach also has calm waves that are perfect for swimming and enjoying the beach atmosphere. You will be spoiled with a vast expanse of white sand, and the coastline reaches 1 kilometer. Not only that, the beach is also surrounded by green hills that refresh the view.

You can enjoy all the facilities available at this beach, such as chair rentals with beach umbrellas and various types of local food and drinks. Starting from fresh young coconut, various types of soft drinks, and alcoholic drinks such as star beer.

crystal bay beach nusa penida

3. Wait and enjoy the sunset.

Enjoy the atmosphere of the sunset that appears from behind a small island not far from the beach location. This island has an area of no less than 1 hectare. This small island is usually a natural breakwater, so visitors can freely swim or watch the beauty of the underwater world by snorkeling or diving.

4. Make a Unique Photo with Sunrise Light in the Gaps of Coconut Trees

For those of you who want to make amazing photos with a grove of coconut trees that may not be available anywhere else, you must arrive at this location before sunrise. The rays of the morning sun will make the background of your photo more unique and different from the others. In addition to the charming beach, there are many coconut trees that thrive along the road to Crystal Bay Beach. A view that may not be found on other beaches.

Best Time to Visit and Ticket Prices

In general, Crystal Bay Penida is open 24 hours a day, non-stop. So visitors are free to come at any time. So it’s actually very flexible; you just have to adjust to the needs of the visit. While the entrance ticket to Crystal Bay Beach in Nusa Penida is actually free of charge, like the beaches in Bali, there are parking fees for bikes and cars that are charged to visitors for now.


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